Alchemy Breaking Academy

Belting (SHIRT) System

Belting/ranking systems have been used

in martial arts schools for decades.

They serve as checkpoints for development as well as a tool for students to set small goals

and attain them.

Alchemy Breaking Academy

will be implementing

our own system

using shirt colors

(instead of belts)

as a way to rank students.

Our goal with this is to keep the students engaged in class and driven to earn their stripes and colors

We teach through a vocabulary of basic movements,

with an emphasis on

strength, coordination

and balance.

Through repetition & drills, students start building their muscle memory and these moves start to become second nature.

After this initial process, we start challenging students

with variations, combinations & different creative exercises

to help them develop their own individual style,

way of moving, and start to train their musical ear.

Hard Work Beats Talent

When Talent doesn't Work Hard

"We love Alchemy Breaking Academy. My son has been going here since they opened. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow in his training. I like how the instructors really focus on their students and care about the kids. They treat everyone like family. Thank you Alchemy Breaking Academy for what you are doing for our future generation."

-Shirley De Jesus,




Las Vegas' #1 Breaking Academy

After personally coaching more than 100 young dancers, the team at Alchemy has mastered the blueprint of success.

Alchemy Breaking Academy is ranked as the #1 Breaking studio in the nation , voted Educators of the Year twice (2021 & 2023) by the BreakFree Award's. Established in 2019 they've

produced 10 regional , 6 national and 2 world champions. Also 2 of their students have earned their spot's on the USA National Teen's Olympic Breaking Team.

The team uses over 2 decades of experience and the skills gained from traveling around the world performing , teaching , judging and competing at the highest level to mentor and coach the next generation.

5154 W. Patrick Ln. Suite 110a

Las Vegas NV 89118

5154 W Patrick Ln suite 110A, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA

(702) 559-1803

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